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FS | NYDIG represents the partnership between NYDIG, a leading provider of Bitcoin solutions, and FS Investments, a leading asset manager.

Research + insights

Research + insights

April 2022 Bitcoin Brief

April was a difficult month for assets across the board amidst rising rates as the Federal Reserve attempts to curb inflation.

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Research + insights
Bitcoin Security

Understanding why Bitcoin is so secure isn’t so simple. And understandably so. Bitcoin’s security model upends how we usually think about protection.

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Research + insights
Why is Bitcoin Valuable?

Indeed, bitcoin isn’t yet as widely accepted as the dollar, but as people become more familiar with bitcoin, we believe they will quickly recognize how valuable it is.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin represents a first in human history of having a technology that provides an open-source monetary system for all. Bitcoin, as a digital currency, helps address some of the shortcomings of fiat currency and gold: it’s easy to store, it’s decentralized, it has a fixed supply and it’s much easier to transport.
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NYDIG is a leading technology and financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin.


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NYDIG is a subsidiary of Stone Ridge, a holding company that has led the creation of forward-thinking firms across the worlds of technology and finance, including a $15B+ alternatives asset manager.

Built on this stable foundation, NYDIG delivers Bitcoin products across industries, from banking and insurance to fintech and nonprofits. We fuse stringent regulatory standards with ironclad technology to make Bitcoin universal.
Firm statistics as of March 31, 2022.
Offering industry-leading portfolio management expertise.


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FS Investments is a leading alternative asset manager dedicated to helping individuals, financial professionals and institutions design better portfolios. The firm strives to bring differentiated products and ideas to market and solve investor needs by creating access to alternative ideas and institutional-quality managers to achieve a higher probability of investment success. The firm aims to provide investors best-in-class management, customized structures and investment education. FS Investments is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with offices in New York, NY, Orlando, FL, and Leawood, KS.
Firm statistics as of December 31, 2021.

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