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March 2023 Bitcoin Brief

Bitcoin was explicitly designed for today’s market environment, and it delivered strong performance in the first quarter of 2023. Bitcoin ended the quarter above $28,000 and up 72% YTD, making it bitcoin’s best performing quarter since 1Q21.


A Primer On Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the act of expanding Bitcoin’s digital ledger — called the blockchain — and ensuring that it adheres to prescribed rules.

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Bitcoin Security

Understanding why Bitcoin is so secure isn’t so simple. And understandably so. Bitcoin’s security model upends how we usually think about protection.

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Why is Bitcoin Valuable?

Indeed, bitcoin isn’t yet as widely accepted as the dollar, but as people become more familiar with bitcoin, we believe they will quickly recognize how valuable it is.

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March 2022 Bitcoin Brief

The first quarter of 2022 ended on a high note with bitcoin breaking through the roughly $38K – $42K trading range and closing the month at $45,596.

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Cold Storage

What is cold storage? Simply put, it means storing passwords on devices that never touch the internet.

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What Are Bitcoin Nodes

Instead of a centralized server, Bitcoin lives on the devices of users who voluntarily opt to run the software. These devices are known as nodes.

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